The majority of our clients supply work to us on disk. When preparing electronic files for output, our technical support staff can be a great asset. They are fluent in your language and are committed to providing the kind of support to make your job easier. They know what it takes for a file to "RIP" and output properly. Perhaps the greatest strength of our staff can be found in their trouble shooting abilities. Our definition of a working relationship is never to kick the disk back to you if there is an output problem. We will begin troubleshooting and communicate options to clients in a timely fashion. In most case, we can educate clients on how to make the corrections themselves at no cost, or if they prefer, we can make the changes for them with an cost estimate provided up front.

Cost Saving Package:
Clients can now transfer their large files to our server to output films, through high speed dedicated internet lines. They can also send the file overnight.

Once we receive a client's file, we output the film on the same day, and produce the press proof overnight. The complete set of film and the proof will be sent by FedEx or UPS back to the client on the following day. Our average turnaround time is one day for film and proof, and 2 - 3 days for speed post delivery.

We encourage clients to upload their files to our assigned FTP address, and follow up with a fax or email to let us know about each transfer. We can also output 8-up magazine size inpositioned film and proof which can go straight to press.

Film is produced with our state-of-the-art postscript imagesetter at resolution ranging from 80 lpi to 200 lpi at 2540 dpi or 3600 dpi, positive or negative, emulsion up or down. We employ Agfa’s color separation system, which is second to none with perfect registration.